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Living conditions | Useful resources | Communications

Living conditions

Health and safety

Health precautions
No specific vaccination is required. However a yellow fever vaccination certificate is required if traveling from an infected area.
         - Foreign travelers should drink only bottled water or other bottled beverages.
         - Milk should be boiled incase unpasteurized or otherwise also.
         - Incase food products like poultry, eggs, meat and dairy products are have been un-refrigerated for more than 2 hours, these should be avoided.
         - Eat meat and fish only if well-cooked. 
You should get medical insurance (including against medical repatriation costs) and seek medical advice before traveling to Pakistan.
For further information on sanitary conditions
The World Health Organization webpages devoted to Pakistan.
The American government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Ministry of Health of Pakistan
For further information on safety conditions
Contacter votre ambassade
Embassy of Tunisia in Pakistan
House 221 Street n° 21
E- 7 PO Box 1913 Islamabad
Phone: +92 51 82 78 69 / 70
Fax: +92 51 82 78 71

Emergency numbers

Police 15
Ambulance 115
Fire Brigade Center 16
Telephone enquiry 17
Railway enquiry 117

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Time difference and climate

Time and time difference
It is %T:%M %A in Islamabad (GMT+5)
Summer time period

Map of the time zone

Time zone
Type of climate
There are normally three seasons in Pakistan:
Winter (November to March): is warm and cooled by sea breezes on the coast;
Summer (April to July): has extreme temperatures,
Monsoon (July to September): has the highest rainfall on the hills.
The maximum temperature in Karachi goes to around 35 degree C in May/June.

The best time to visit Southern part of Pakistan is between November and March, when the days are cool and clear. On the other hand, the best time to visit Northern part of Pakistan is from April to October.

For further information
Yahoo weather
Pakistan Meteorological Department

Average annual temperatures and rainfall


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Useful resources

Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC)
Pakistan Youth Hostel Association.
To find an apartment
Apartments in Pakistan

Pakistan Apartments
To find a job
Jobs in Pakistan
Alahad Group
Mustakbil: Jobs in Pakistan

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Telephone codes
To call in Pakistan from Tunisia, dial 00 (ou +) +92.
To call Tunisia from Pakistan, dial 00 (ou +) 216.
Mobile telephone standards
Pakistan uses GSM mobile technology.
Internet suffix

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